Do you feel like the world is going one way, but you want to go the other? Our goal is to empower you to find yourself. Following your animal spirit can heal your soul; whether running, biking, hiking, camping or fishing. We have a spirit waiting for you. Empower yourself by sharing your experiences with us and we’ll empower you by letting the whole world know about your fantastic adventures!


Spirits of the Trails by Ultra Koala was inspired by a wonderful running group in sunny South Florida called Down to Run. This motley crew of mismatched people are always down for an adventure. On a trail run, on a trail bike ride or hiking in the mountains of Colorado, outdoor adventure and the love of a good beer every now and then is the glue that holds this tribe together.
After running your first trail run with this group you earn your stripes and get a trail animal name. Your trail name is sometimes given to you by the tribe and other times, if your trail name is not so obvious, the tribe will let you pick your own trail animal. Your trail animal will call to you and will encompass your inner strengths and will give you power on the trail. In fact, if you aren't at your best on the trail the tribe will encourage you by calling you by your trail name, thus summoning your trail animals strength with in you.   
Whether Running, biking, hiking, camping or fishing we are here to unite the cause. If you feel the call of the trail and the wild like we do, perhaps you should get in touch with your trail spirit animal. Your spirit animal will guide your true, wild essence. Wondering how to discover your trail animal? Just click on the "trail names" tab on our web site and read carefully. Don't just stop at the first one you like though, read through the whole list. Your trail animal will call to you. Some are common, some are rare, but only one will share your path with you. We at the Spirits Of The Trails Trail and Adventure Blog provide community where all outdoor adventures can come together to share stories and advice from others in our community. Be one with nature not alone in nature.
We would love to hear about your recent adventures! In return, we will publish the most fantastic submissions that we receive once a week. So many of our accomplishment are only seen by the trees in the forest, the animals on the trail or the marmots on the mountain side, but others should hear about your accomplishments too. On our forum you can feel free to toot your own horn anytime you like. Give us your race report, your mountain bike adventure story, your hiking adventure story, your mountain climbing progress report, your exciting camping adventure story or even an exciting fishing adventure that was too good to keep to yourself. Our hope is that in sharing these fantastic stories it will encourage more people to join in on this adventure that we call life. 
Find out more about Down to Run here.


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