Your trail name is sometimes given to you by the tribe and other times, if your trail name is not so obvious, the tribe will let you pick your own trail animal. Your trail animal will call to you and will encompass your inner strengths and will give you power on the trail. In fact, if you aren't at your best on the trail the tribe will encourage you by calling you by your trail name, thus summoning your trail animals strength with in you.        

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Spirit of the trials - Koala

Koala- (Resourceful) Never underestimate the Koala. Although slow and sweet in appearance and nature, the Koala is wise, resilient and a master or resourcefulness. Not just a tree climbing sweetheart; on the trail, their power and intellect should not be challenged.




Spirit of the trials - Ape

Ape- (Powerful) Your strength and wisdom is seen by all. Whether you realize your potential and inner power or not, people are drawn to you for your determination, wisdom and leadership. Fists to the ground and a mighty yell, the trail is yours for the taking. With an ape on the loose the trail clears the way for you. Beat your chest and join the ape in a victory cry.




Spirit of the trials - Sloth

Sloth- (Carefree) Upon first encounter, the sloth appears slow and lumbering, but after further inspection you’ll find a happy individual that can adapt to any situation to succeed. The sloth is always happiest as a team player as the sloth draws strength in numbers. The world is yours for the taking sloth; sneak up on the trail and conquer it.




Spirit of the trials - Chipmunk

Chipmunk- (Benevolent) Something good is on its way when chipmunks are around. Both happy and trusting, they delight your heart and make you happy, just with their presence. Their caring nature brings calm and harmony to the trails. Very giving and good natured they will always win your heart. Everyone will gain strength from the chipmunk when the storm the trail.




Spirit of the trials - Grasshopper

Grasshopper- (Adventurous) When the grasshopper bounces on the trail, look out! Grasshoppers will always inspire you with every leap of faith. They always aim high and will lead the way when others are afraid to go. With speed of stride and a heart for discovery and adventure, you assured of an adventure on the trail. With the grasshopper by your side be prepared for amazing and fantastic results.



Spirit of the trials - Armidillo

Armadillo- (Protector) When the armadillo takes to ground you are assured of a stealthy and powerful run. The only mammal with armor, they can stand up to any challenge and bowl over all obstacles. When on the trail, don’t try to beat the armadillo, join in and your success is guaranteed.




Spirit of the trials - Fox

Fox- (Cunning) Not only swift, but also smart and clever, the fox is definitely someone to have on your side. While on the trail the fox embraces wisdom, quick thinking and adaptability to change and challenge. Responsive and cunning, this power animal is a great guide when you're facing a tricky situation. Don't lose sight of the fox tail.





Raven- (Crafty) When the raven appears get ready for an adventure. Although mischievous, curious and full of mirth, never take that as weakness. On the trail, both fast, majestic and intelligent, the raven transforms into a great friend or opponent, you choose the transformation that the raven makes. The raven always swoops in for the win.




Spirit of the trials - Lynx

Lynx- (Stealthy) Keep your eyes and ears open if you want to spot the lynx. The lynx evokes a quiet wisdom on the trail. Never one for the same routine, the lynx is always on the prowl for new excitement and adventures to conquer. The lynx teaches caution and vigilance, take heed and you will win every time.  




Spirit of the trials - Unicorn

Unicorn- (Magical) The Unicorn is the most magical, yet elusive of all trail animals. Though few can channel the spirit of the unicorn the ones that can are enchanting and have the ability to inspire everyone around to believe anything is possible. This beguiling and benevolent creature is not just in it to win it, they like to ensure a win for all. The trail is the unicorns kingdom so if you spot one enjoy the magic. 




Spirit of the trials - Bear

Bear- (Courageous) A natural leader when standing tall, they exude confidence and determination. In the presence of the bear you will have no fear and will always endure. Channeling the power of the bear gives strength in times of weakness and helplessness. Beware though, at first glance the bear appears to be cute and cuddly, however when provoked by obstacles on the trail the bear is a strong force to reckon with.




Spirit of the trials - Lion

Lion- (Majestic) A born leader, this glorious animal does not seek the approval of others, but their regal grace eventually achieves admiration from all in their presence. In the realm of trail animals, the lion wins the prize for courage and strength. If you are a member of the lions pride you will overcome any obstacle or threatening situation you might encounter on the trail. Hear the roar, smell the victory, the lion is on the prowl.




Spirit of the Trails - Ant

Ant- (Determined) If the ant is on the trail be assured that a victory is on the way, as they have time and conviction on their side. Although small in stature, do not underestimate the ant. They are immensely powerful and resourceful on the trail. Eager to work with others for an assured victory the ant will always rally others and will eventually lead the swarm to the finish line. 




Spirit of the Trails - Rabbit

Rabbit- (Agile) Rabbits are creatures of the Earth, both above ground and below. So on the trail a rabbit is in their earthly element. Not just a cute bunny, never underestimate a rabbit, they are just as happy to help you as they are to leave you in their dust, it's your choice. Resourceful, cunning, fast and agile, the rabbit was born to hop down the trail. If you spot the rabbit join along and you will always win.




Spirit of the Trails - Deer

Deer- (Compassionate) Highly sensitive to their surrounding and with strong intuition the deer will always be there for you. By affinity the deer has the power to deal with challenges with both style and grace. Vigilant and swift, when the deer takes to the trail they will instinctively get themselves and the rest of the herd out of the trickiest of situations. Always there for you on the trail the deer will light your way.  




Spirit of the Trails - Badger

Badger- (Fearless) The badger doesn't ask for respect, in fact the badger never asks for anything from anyone. The badger gets the respect it deserves by sheer merit and fortitude. A power house on the trail, the badger is a force to be reckoned with. Both fast and strong and filled with the determination and strength of 100 men the badger will always dominate the trail, even if it must claw its way to the finish. Revere the badger.




Spirit is the Trail - Pig Pig- (Content) As one of the most intelligent animals, the pig can't be forced to do anything but once a pig makes up their mind to do something there is nothing on Earth that will stop them. Not seeking approval of others, the pig has no problem getting down and dirty on the trail. Both happy and fearless the pig always plows forward, wallowing in victory at the end of the day.  




Spirit of the Trails - RatRat- (Survivalist) Like them or not the rat has been around a very long time and they are here to stay. Never to be emotionally destroyed or discouraged the rat will always prevail. Intelligent and resourceful to a fault, the rat will always accept help from others and always sticks around to return the favor. On the trail the rat always encourages you to challenge yourself and to never be afraid. Just grab hold of the rats tail and you are sure to overcome even the toughest challenge.       



Spirit of the Trails - WolfWolf- (Instinctive) Ancient and indigenous peoples believed that we all share the spiritual essence of the wolf as both of our species have been bonded for millennia. Highly intelligent, the wolf always communicates with the pack to accomplish a goal. Cooperative and efficient, on the trail, the wolf is a relentless, yet compassionate team player. A wolf is always a great companion.



Spirit of the Trails - TurtleTurtle- (Confident) The turtle dances to the beat of their own drum and even the drum that they dance to is beaten at their own special pace. The turtle lives in the moment and takes life with simple acceptance; the race is over when they finish it and they are happy with every personal victory along the way. Don't take the turtle for granted though, if other animals get too cocky on the trail the turtle will continue to plod along and pass you for the victory. 


Spirit of the Trails - PantherPanther- (Resilient) This is a rare animal spirit indeed and can be a definite force to be reckoned with. Always on the trail, you'll never see the panther gaining on you but once you spot them it's too late; you'll never catch them. They embodies many spirits but most of all the panther embodies resilience, because of their drive and determination to succeed. The panther can be a loner, but if befriended they will always inspire you to victory. 




Spirits of the Trails - OstrichOstrich Spirit- (Worriless) With a long out stretched neck and drumsticks to die for, you may think this flightless bird is just strange and silly, but you'd be wrong. They are passionate, determined, headstrong and self- assured. Ostriches can easily inspire people just by doing what they do best; fearlessly hitting the trails. Charming and social they are great team players, so if you see the Ostrich on the trail, tag along, they are always great company.



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